Tier 1 vs Tier 2

Tier 1 does not require a 1-to-1 call or video consultation. In most cases, it only requires a questionnaire to be completed.

Tier 2 services usually require a phone or video call because we need more information from you in order to complete our legal work.

We recognize that not every legal issue fits neatly into a bucket so here is everything else we can help you with. Don’t see your issue listed here? Feel free to contact us to see if we may be able to help!
Tier 1 Fee Tier 2 Fee
Name Change $400
Simple Attorney Letter $150
Pre-Marital Agreement $750
Unlawful Detainer Action $1500
Eviction Notice $150
Basic Residential Lease $400
Expungement/Sealing of Criminal Record $1500
Legal Strategy Coaching Session $75 (30-Min Call)
Answers/Responses $250-750
Simple Easements $250
Quitclaim Deed $250

Payment Plans Available