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Don’t Erase In Divorce

Don't Erase In Divorce June 12, 2018 Divorce is hard.  No one questions that.  Even if you both agree and want to be civil and polite and make things as easy as possible, it’s hard. Divorce is the end of something. You’re absolutely allowed to be mad or sad.  But, if...

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The Power of Powers of Attorney

The Power of Powers of Attorney May 15, 2018 If you are between the ages of 20-70 there’s a good chance you have use for utilizing the legal tool of power of attorney. A power of attorney gives legal power to a certain person to act on another’s behalf. The document...

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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? February 21, 2018 Divorcing? Why mediation is a better option than fighting in court. One of the more frequent questions I get asked is “What is mediation?”. Even my iPhone seems to not recognize the word “mediation.” It always autocorrects to...

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Divorcing with Kids – PUT THEM FIRST!!!

Divorcing with Kids - PUT THEM FIRST!!! February 18, 2018 When contemplating divorce, it’s completely natural and reasonable to feel hurt, mad, sad, relieved, and excited about looking towards the possibilities of a new future. Whether you’ve been married for one year...

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Why Choose a Virtual Law Firm?

Why Choose a Virtual Law Firm? June 8, 2017 What is a virtual law firm? With the increasing number of companies closing their doors in favour of online business, and even more companies starting up as completely virtually-based firms, paper-based offices might soon...

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5 Common Family Law Myths

When it comes to family law issues, there are a lot of things to consider. There is also a lot of speculation and assumption about what is and is not the law.

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