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Lawyer Tech: Client Intake and Document Automations

Virtual lawyers have the advantage of choosing the best use of their time. Client intake and document automation are two places that you can save a ton of time. Who wants to live their life bogged down by repetitive client tasks? Not us! Building an intake process and...

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Business Continuity When Unexpected Events Happen

Make sure you have a plan to keep your business running when unexpected events occur. Currently, we are in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US, and there is much talk about how all sorts of businesses are going to be handling this crisis. This post is...

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What Do I Need To Know? The Basics of Business Law

If you are starting or running a business you should understand the basics of business law. This will help you make informed decisions in your business and save you trouble in the long run. There are all sorts of issues in business that are much better handled legally at the beginning of the process, rather than finding out that something isn’t right when a problem occurs.

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Less Is More: How to Simplify and Strategize

Doing less can actually make you more productive. Less is more is our mantra for 2020. In this weeks Lawyering Outside the Lines we discuss how less really is more, and how to actually make that happen in your life! Watch this week's video below, and check out our...

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Work from Anywhere (But First…)

Sounds awesome. How do I get started? Before you hang that virtual shingle, do your research! All states are not created equal. Each state has specific rules regarding virtual work and the legal practice. Three Things to Research Before Opening a Virtual Law Firm Step...

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What the bleep is a Virtual Law Firm?

There’s a lot of debate in legal circles regarding virtual law firms. What are virtual law firms? Are they a fad? Is it a real law firm at all? Virtual law firms are REAL law firms. These firms are operated by real attorneys, offering real legal services, utilizing...

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Child Support Really is For Your Child

Child Support Really is For Your Child July 30, 2018 By Rachel Smith Child support is one of the most misunderstood aspects of family law cases (which includes divorces and custody and visitation cases when the parents are not married). There are so many reasons that...

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Don’t Erase In Divorce

Divorce and Children June 12, 2018 Divorce is hard.  No one questions that. But, if you have children, that adds an extra level to the divorce.  Even if you both agree and want to be civil and polite and make things as easy as possible, it’s hard. Divorce is the end...

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The Power of Powers of Attorney

The Power of Powers of Attorney May 15, 2018 If you are between the ages of 20-70 there’s a good chance you have use for utilizing the legal tool of power of attorney. A power of attorney gives legal power to a certain person to act on another’s behalf. The document...

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What is Mediation?

What is Mediation? February 21, 2018 Divorcing? Why mediation is a better option than fighting in court. One of the more frequent questions I get asked is “What is mediation?”. Even my iPhone seems to not recognize the word “mediation.” It always autocorrects to...

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