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What the bleep is a Virtual Law Firm?

There’s a lot of debate in legal circles regarding virtual lawyering. What is it? Is this just a fad? Is it even lawyering at all? Virtual law firms are REAL law firms. These firms are operated by real attorneys, offering real legal services, utilizing technology to...

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Child Support Really is For Your Child

Child Support Really is For Your Child July 30, 2018 By Rachel Smith Child support is one of the most misunderstood aspects of family law cases (which includes divorces and custody and visitation cases when the parents are not married). There are so many reasons that...

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Just In: Divorce Rates at a 30 Year Low!?

So last week I was listening to the radio and the hosts were discussing trends in divorce. According to some survey divorces were at an all time low last year, lowest in 30 or so years.

5 Common Family Law Myths

When it comes to family law issues, there are a lot of things to consider. There is also a lot of speculation and assumption about what is and is not the law.


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