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Three Signs Unbundled Legal Services Might Be Right For Your Divorce

November 7, 2018

By Joanna Boyd

Racking your brain about a simple, inexpensive, satisfying and quality way to get divorced?  Dreading a consultation where you will hear the words “retainer,” hourly billing, and litigation?  If you are curious about unbundled divorce, read on to see if these descriptions fit your circumstance.

You and your soon-to-be ex-spouse agree that you do not want to spend a fortune fighting over what your children, the property you have accumulated in your marital estate, or both.

The truth is that giant lawyer bills and uncertain timelines keep people in unhealthy marriages way longer than they should stay for fear that it can only result in financial ruin and agonizing months or years of indecision.  So when you find yourself needing a divorce, you cannot help those fears from crossing your mind.

Unbundled legal services can help to counter the financial fear.  Established to help more Oklahomans access the mechanisms of the legal system, unbundled legal services (also known as “limited scope services”) empower parties to customize their legal experience based on the help they can afford.  Straightforward pricing and flat fees mean that you are paying for a pleading, a document, or a decree, rather than the time it takes to craft it.

You and your ex agree on issues of child custody and support or property division.

Here’s a secret: divorce does not kill bank accounts; people arguing about how to finalize the divorce kills bank accounts.  Make no mistake, the more arguing, the longer a divorce goes on, and the more it costs EVERYBODY. Add two attorneys playing phone tag, squabbling on your behalf back and forth, and you get a really angry and really expensive game of telephone.  

But if you and your ex have weathered the decision to split and come out looking at ways to peacefully effectuate your agreement, unbundled legal services offer an answer.  When parties can agree on the most sensitive issues in a divorce—child custody, division of property, decision-making after the decree—the worst of your legal headaches can be avoided.  And when big issues are settled, the smaller details can be ironed out as momentum is gained. Often times, agreeable parties are more efficient and experience more affordable divorces.

You two have done the heavy lifting of working out solutions, now it is time to get those on paper.  With an unbundled divorce, an attorney can take your wishes and agreements and translate them into the legalese necessary to satisfy that jurisdiction’s requirements.  

Time is of the essence.

When couples are facing an inevitable split and they are motivated by time, unbundled legal services can help!  While filings and decrees prepared by an attorney performing unbundled legal services still have to follow the required waiting periods set out by law, additional wait time is minimal as you and your spouse are not bogged down by the response and filing delays that are common in a “traditional” divorce case.  Your waiting period is just that, a time to wait out the necessary number of days, rather than frantically worry about the next curve ball from the opposing side.