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7 Ways to Improve Your Custody Case as a Single Father

May 31, 2017
If you want to gain custody of your child, it will be one of the most important things in your life. Custody cases are a difficult process for both parents, and it’s even more difficult to win as a father.  You want to make sure you do it right so you don’t miss out on all those special moments in your child’s life. Pay close attention to these 7 pieces of advice to improve your custody case as a single father and give yourself the best chance of being with your child.

  1. Make All Child Support Payments to Improve your Custody Case as a Single Father

You cannot expect to be granted custody of your child without paying child support regularly. Even if you have an informal child support arrangement with the mother, keep receipts. They will serve as evidence to back up your case. In the event that you are struggling to make regular payments, request a modification to your agreement that will allow you to keep paying on time.

  1. Develop a Strong Relationship

Your relationship with your child is a huge factor in any custody case. Ensure you build a strong and fatherly relationship with your child. Be as involved in his or her life as possible. Call frequently, if not every day, to inquire about how your child’s day was. If the mother is cooperative, arrange to visit the child regularly and to take him or her for a few days each week.

  1. Always Attend School Events and Special Occasions

This one is really important. Nobody wants to be stranded on a day when dads are expected to come to school. Be sure to also participate in the social and religious activities your child is involved in. This will provide proof of your continuous relationship with the child. Never miss a birthday, school play or sports day. The court will see your steady commitment as evidence of readiness and responsibility.

  1. Have a Plan

You cannot expect to get custody of your child without a solid plan on how to take care of him or her. The judge will ask questions that must be met with intelligent, well-thought-out responses.

  1. Prepare a Home

You should have a suitable home to keep your child in when custody is granted. Don’t let the excuse of living in a small space deter you from preparing a comfortable and safe place for your child to dwell in. The court will definitely inquire about housing plans.

  1. Maintain a Record

An important part of winning custody is having accurate records of your visits, calls and financial provisions for your child. You can also develop a parenting plan to be submitted to the court as evidence.

  1. Seek Alternative Conflict Resolution

A court of law can be a hard place to win a custody case as a dad. If the mother is willing to try it, mediation and arbitration is a good alternative that can help both parents arrive at a win-win position.