Virtual Mediation

For Law Firms

As attorneys we juggle a lot, whether we run our own firm, manage other attorneys, or are managing our clients. MyVirtual.Lawyer is here to lighten that load. Why take on the additional overhead to hire staff or take the time (that you don’t have to spare) to train someone?

Our experienced attorneys work with law firms of all sizes to help meet that need by providing flat rate, project-based services, and subscriptions so you can focus on your clients and leave the grunt work to us. We pride ourselves on our quality work product and efficiency. Plus, when you hire us you have convenient access to the MVL attorney you are working with from anywhere.

Outsourcing Considerations

Outsourcing to our virtual lawyers can help reduce your overhead significantly and is an efficient way to grow your practice while providing all of the necessary services for your clients without the burden of bringing on additional staff members. It is important to do your research to ensure that you are using services that are secure and individuals who understand the privacy and confidentiality requirements unique to law firms


How can we help you?

MyVirtual.Lawyer is a multijurisdictional, virtual law firm providing family, estate, and business law services on an a la carte and subscription fee basis. We’ve worked with nationally recognized law firms to help reduce their bottom line, boost client productivity, and have been rapidly expanding to better accommodate law firm clients. We don’t see ourselves as freelancers but instead as an extension of your team and invest in our relationship with you and the success of your firm. Our attorneys can assist you with the following:


  • Legal Research
  • Drafting
  • Content & Blog Writing
  • Document Automation
  • And more…

When considering outsourcing you should first identify your needs and the scope of the work that will be outsourced. In order to make that determination, you should consider three factors.

    1. What is important to your clients and what do your clients need?
    2. Exactly what legal work or administrative tasks do you need to outsource?
    3. What are the costs associated with the roles you want to outsource?

Once you have answered these questions you can focus on finding the right organizations and individuals to meet your outsourcing needs. When you are considering potential outsourcing providers you will also want to ask them questions. Here are a few questions to ask:

  1. How is data secured?
  2. How does the individual or organization handle sensitive information?
  3. How well do they understand the needs, restrictions, and requirements of law firms?
  4. Any other questions that will make you more comfortable in using their services.

Ready to free yourself from tedious tasks (and save money doing it)?

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