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Become a MVL Partner Firm

Are you looking for a more fulfilling law practice? Whether you are frustrated with traditional lawyering or looking for innovative ways to grow your firm, we want to partner with you to help you create a law practice that you love.

MyVirtual.Lawyer is a different law firm model, a new way to interact with clients and new services to meet the growing demands of a widely untapped segment of the legal market. We have spent years creating and designing a law firm that is fulfilling for both the client and attorney. But you don’t have to start from scratch like we did. As a MVL Partner Firm, you don’t have to spend time figuring out workflows or being overwhelmed by all of the technology options. We have created the systems and processes for you, using our own law firm as a guinea pig to test the market and the tech, so that you can focus on your clients and build a law firm around your life.

With our help, attorneys can create a sustainable, flexible, limited scope representation (aka unbundled) law practice from scratch or added as a component of their existing practice. Best of all, it’s not one-size-fits-all. We help design your virtual, limited scope services to fit within your individual law practice and objectives.

What’s included with your MVL Partner Firm license?


  • Use of the MyVirtual.Lawyer Brand Name, Systems, Processes, & Workflows
  • Branded E-Mail
  • Business Development Advising & Resources
  • Access to Shared Content & Graphics
  • Inclusion on Website and Social Media
  • Unlimited Access to the MVL Team
  • 1-to-1 Optional Monthly Video Chats (1 hour/each)
  • Access to Exclusive MVL Community
  • MVL Discounts from our Technology Vendors
  • Individual Dashboard to Track Firm Marketing and Other Data Metrics in One Place
  • Access to MVL Document Template Library
  • Toll-free Number with 24/7/365 Answering & Scheduling Service
  • Welcome Swag
  • Unlimited MVL Courses


  • Use of the MyVirtual.Lawyer Brand Name, Systems, Processes, & Workflows
  • Branded Email
  • Access to Exclusive MVL Community
  • Initial Firm Strategy Consultation
  • Business Development Resources
  • Inclusion on Website & Social Media
  • MVL Discounts from Our Technology Vendors
  • Toll-free Number with 24/7/365 Answering & Scheduling Service
  • 50% Discount on MVL Courses
Why partner with us?
  • Super Appreciative Clients
  • Lower Overhead Expenses
  • Flexibility to Work on Your Own Time, From Anywhere
  • More Efficient
  • No Bill Collector Duties (We’ve never had any outstanding client fees.)
  • Visibility & Exposure from Affiliation with MVL
  • Part of a Badass Community of Innovative Lawyers
  • Create a New Revenue Stream
  • Ditch the Billable Hour for Flat Fees
  • We are Super Fun

Interested? Let’s get it started, in here (our inbox)… email us at & send the next line of these Black Eyed Peas lyrics- Obstacles are inefficient, follow your intuition….(okay, so you don’t HAVE to do that last part, but it’d be really cool if you did).

Divorce Law

Join the MVL Community

Who should join the MVL Community?

If you are ready to challenge the status quo, level up your law practice, and create a sustainable, fulfilling law firm then you’ve found your people.

Why should you join us?

  • Access to Exclusive MVL Community
  • Business Development Resources
  • 50% Discount on MVL Courses

MVL Courses provide a 5-week kick-start to building a law practice that you will love. During the courses, you will receive self-guided video modules, resources, weekly live group coaching, individual access to us, and access to the MVL Community.

Course topics will vary and spots are limited, so sign up HERE to be the first to know when new courses launch and for weekly tips and resources.


Building a Virtual Law Practice (Coming Soon)

This course covers how to launch a fully virtual law firm or add a virtual component to your existing practice. Topics include choosing technology, creating and implementing workflows, communications, and outsourcing.

$1800 (payment options available & 10% off if paid in full, up front)

Divorce Law
Vendor Negotiations

MVL Co-Owner, Laura O’Bryan, worked on the other side of the aisle as a vendor for Thomson Reuters-West for almost 12 years and wants to share her knowledge (and secrets) with you. Get individual coaching to help your law firm learn how to negotiate with legal vendors.

Legal vendors often have limited to no understanding of attorney and firm inner workings, needs, practicalities, etc.  Sales people have been trained to do just that:  Sell. They often have bundles, new initiatives, and incentives to sell products that are not actually in alignment with your goals. Laura has bookended her career as a licensed attorney who practiced in a small law firm before working in both Account Management and Direct Sales. She then started her own solo firm before becoming a Partner at MVL. Her unique knowledge and skillset will give your firm an advantage in your future vendor contract negotiations.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can leverage Laura’s expertise to improve your bottom line and win at vendor contracts, reach out here.

Law Firm Public Relations Strategy (Stay Tuned!)
Divorce Law

Hire a MVL TechXpert

You know you need to be using technology in your law practice. Good technology and workflows drastically improve efficiency and add value to your client but there are so many technology options and so little time. Choosing and implementing technology is overwhelming. We are virtual law girls, living in a high tech world. We like to try all the tech, stay in the know about all the new tech toys and tools, and really kinda nerd out with all things legal tech.

Stop the resistance. Stay competitive. Let us help you fend off the robot lawyer revolution and take your tech game to the next level.

We have three solutions to help you level up.

Level 1: Just need a technology strategy? We help you plan and choose your technology and create a workflow strategy.

Level 2: Need someone to do the automation for you? We help you plan and choose your technology, create a workflow strategy, and provide full automation implementation.

Level 3: Want us to handle it all? Cool. Our team can help plan and choose your technology, create a workflow strategy, provide full automation implementation, and provide onsite or remote staff training.

Reach out here for a consultation and personalized quote.


Are you a vendor with a product or service that could help our attorney clients? Reach out here so that we can learn more about your product or service.

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