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Online Divorce in Arkansas

August 6, 2016

It’s the 21st century people. Today alone I binge watched Wrecked on demand, ordered a week’s worth of groceries online for pickup service, and read a blog about a licensed therapist who accepts clients for Skype meetings. Chill, it’s Sunday. I am not playing hooky from work. My point, you ask? With all of this technology, why are law firms still kicking it old school, working among boxes of paper files and not returning your phone call for days? Maybe they are working on their yellow page book ad… Seriously though, using technology improves efficiency and saves you time and money! It makes you wonder why you can’t just get an online divorce in Arkansas… oh wait; you can.

A recent justice report ranks the United States 65th in the world for accessibility and affordability of basic legal services. We are tied with third world countries like Botswana, Pakistan, and Uzbekistan, and not far behind Moldova and Nigeria! Surprised? Yeah, I didn’t think so. `

Online Divorce in Arkansas

Filing for divorce in Arkansas does NOT have to cost you $375 per hour and you don’t have to rack up massive credit card debt just to hire your divorce attorney or file for bankruptcy after having just been through a divorce. Not only does the old bill by the hour model leave you paying for every piece of paper, stamp, and phone call, it encourages attorneys to take an oppositional approach, promoting disagreement, which in turn drastically increases the cost of your divorce or family law matter.  Plus it makes you hate your cheating ex or baby momma even more than you already did. That is not helpful for you, your spouse, or any kids caught up in the middle of it all.  Did you know that you could hire affordable family and divorce lawyers in Arkansas for a flat fee and know the cost up front? Well, you can.

We embrace a new approach to providing legal services by handling only what you need and encouraging a peaceful process. We do so by bringing you access from the comfort of your home – an actual online divorce in Arkansas. No one wants to trek out to a law firm, taking off half of their work day to endure the intimidation and awkwardness of meeting a divorce attorney, disclosing that your husband is at fault because he can’t kick his porn addiction and arguing you are a fit parent even though you overslept for school today and the kids ate cosmic brownies on the way. All of this only to learn that you have to come up with at least $2500 just to get the lawyer out of his or her chair. The alternative is even worse. You spend hours Googling “how to file for divorce in Arkansas” or “Arkansas child support” hoping you can find free divorce forms for Arkansas and somehow figure out how to do it all by yourself.  This is the legal equivalent of cutting your own hair or attempting to do all of your own plumbing. The big hole in my kitchen ceiling right now from the upstairs toilet pretty much sums up why that’s a bad idea. Just avoid the symbolic hole and don’t do it.

Serving as modern-day divorce lawyers in Arkansas, Arkansas Virtual Lawyer takes the guesswork out of the legal work. You know what you pay up front; receive personalized advice for your divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, guardianship, or other family matter; have 24/7 access to a client portal where you can view documents, receive case updates, and message your attorney (we actually respond); and all from the comfort of your home around your schedule. Why go through any of the hassle when anyone can have an online divorce in Arkansas?

Ready to cut out the drama and divorce with less hassle? Visit us to sign up for your free 30 minute phone consult and let us help you divorce with dignity!