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*  Fees vary by state but flat rate will be quoted up front.

** Not all services are available in all states.

*** Additional processing fees may apply.

*  Fees vary by state but flat rate will be quoted up front.

** Not all services are available in all states.

*** Additional processing fees may apply.

What is outsourced legal counsel?

Our Founder accidentally caught herself calling our legal packages “outhouse counsel” recently but we can assure you that our business packages are anything but crappy. We understand that savvy business owners recognize the importance of legal needs within their businesses but are also concerned about their bottom line. Gone are the days of randomly googling legal advice for your business or creating makeshift contracts you’ve pieced together from the Internet that likely won’t hold up or lack important provisions. Our experienced outsourced legal counsel functions in similar roles as hiring your own in house counsel, without the unnecessary costs and overhead of hiring a full-time employee. Hiring MyVirtual.Lawyer to serve as your outsourced legal counsel provides ongoing legal support to your owners and your team.

What types of matters does your outsourced legal counsel handle?

Our firm provides customized legal assistance based on your individual business needs and budget. Routine matters typically handled by our outsourced legal counsel include, but are not limited to, such matters as contract drafting, review, and negotiation; drafting and modifying employment agreements and independent contractor agreements, reviewing and drafting buy-sell agreements, reviewing and implementing corporate governance procedures, drafting and revising corporate bylaws, operating agreements, and partnership agreements, and providing ongoing advice and support for minor matters.

What matters are not included with the outsourced legal counsel plans?

While our outsourced legal counsel handles routine legal matters for your business, on occasion you may face a legal situation that requires legal work outside of the scope of our plans and services. These matters include, but are not limited to, mergers and acquisitions, lawsuits, arbitration or other administrative proceeding, and other matters. Matters that fall outside of the scope of our plans or services are referred to qualified independent lawyers or law firms whom we trust and we will collaborate with to assist you in resolving your legal matter.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your legal counsel?

Outsourcing your legal needs gives your business access to qualified business lawyers that can help advise you through difficult situations, foresee potential risks, and keep your business legally protected, all at an affordable fixed rate so you always know the costs ahead of time and can plan accordingly. Adding MyVirtual.Lawyer to your team provides you with a personal lawyer who is familiar with your business and your individual needs.

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