Divorce Law

How does membership work?

Our business legal packages are subscription-based, monthly flat rate fee, renewable 3-month legal and consulting service.

During your membership you will receive an initial business review, monthly check-in, monthly document template offerings, document review & feedback, unlimited legal advice, resources, and a discount on our a la carte services.

Why should you become a member?

Business owners wear many hats. It can be overwhelming. We understand that. Many times legal services are put off because of budget restrictions or prioritized behind more pressing issues. Legal services are often only addressed when issues arise. Our Business Memberships afford you a cost-effective, convenient way to legally and proactively protect your business.

Starting and growing a business can also be daunting, even isolating. Don’t go it alone. With our Business Memberships we are not only your legal advisor, but also your business consultant. Working with start-ups and small businesses is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. We provide our members with business resources, advice, and support to help them reach their goals. Your success is our success and we are excited to join your journey as your business ally.