unbundled legal services

Get ready for the holidays with unbundled legal services!

November 7, 2018

By Joanna Boyd

Ahhh, the holidays, that time of year when your family really shines with their interrogation skills.  

“What ever happened to that business idea you had?”

“When can you bring the kids over to celebrate?”

“Have you given any thought to what will happen with the house?”

The holidays and family visits can put a giant spotlight on all the stuff you haven’t done or need to get done. It can be excruciating, but that’s only if you don’t have a plan! Now, you do.  This year you can turn to unbundled legal services through MyVirtual.Lawyer. Bring on the pumpkin pie!

What if this year you could beat them to the punch?  That’s right; avoid the awkward status report and long explanations.  No more shifting nervously in your seat or scrambling. Come to your holiday gathering with all your legal tasks done! Imagine pulling up a chair to the adult table with some much-needed legal work freshly completed.   You will be relieved to know you took care of business and can mark a huge task off your to-do list. And unbundled legal services offer realistic steps to accomplish just that!

Take your place at the table with your estate freshly planned or your business plan freshly polished, all your assets protected and all your legal nerves settled with MyVirtual.Lawyer!  The menu of straightforward, cost-effective legal services empower you to access the legal system in Oklahoma in ways that you would not have thought possible before. The wide variety of unbundled legal services allows you to choose not only the legal tasks you need to tackle, but also customize the legal help you receive along the way.  

Quick turnaround and sincere customer service through every step means that unbundled legal services can put your legal worries to rest.  You’re never blindsided by expensive retainers, bogged down with high hourly bills, or frustrated by unanswered messages. A real-life attorney walks you through the process from consultation to completion.

With unbundled legal services, a licensed attorney is working with you to accomplish each of those business and personal tasks that you need to get done and need to be done right.  Speak to an attorney who knows the law, knows the courthouse, and knows the county so that you can file and finalize with confidence.

Your legal needs do not have to be stressful, expensive, or nerve-racking, and neither do your holidays.  With unbundled legal services, the tasks you have been avoiding can finally be finished! Breathe easy knowing you are doing something about that that nagging legal task just needed to get done.  And join in on all the holiday conversation with the confidence of getting stuff done.

While unbundled legal services are not a perfect fit for every legal situation, they can be a great ally is getting much-needed legal solutions.

*As with holidays, unbundled legal service calories don’t count.

**The above statement has not be reviewed or authenticated by the Food and Drug Administration.

***MyVirtual.Lawyer cannot get you out of bringing a dish.