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Unbundled solutions for your bizz, baby!

November 7, 2018

By Joanna Boyd

Do you own a business?

Do you have an idea for a business?

Are you hoping to someday make your side hustle your main hustle?

If you have a business concept, business idea, business plan, or a budding new business, then you have probably encountered some of the challenges that come with getting it started and keep it protected.  Each stage in the life of a business comes with its own unique set of problems. While you are managing the day-to-day operations, you need to know that the legal side is covered.

Unbundled legal services offer realistic and cost-effective solutions as your business grows. Check out these unbundled legal service options that can help protect you at every stage of the process.

Starting out? Let us help you plan and form your business!

As your concepts matures from a gleam in your entrepreneurial eye to a plan, you may need help assessing what legal measures will best protect your ideas.  With unbundled legal services you can work with a licensed attorney to pinpoint the exact legal protections and documentation you start-up needs.

Unbundled business services range from business plan initial assessments to business formation documents and Secretary of State filings.  You have enough to do! While you focus on the process that hone your concept into a viable business, your virtual attorney can focus on the intricate details that go into proper business filings, tax implications, and remaining in good standing with the state.

Got momentum? Let’s keep it going!

If you are past the infancy of your business and looking for ways to protect and grow it, unbundled legal services can be a great ally in expanding the reach of your business.  Whether you are ready to hire your first employee or expanding to a second location, unbundled agreements and contracts can be tailored for your exact situation and provide efficient and reliable legal protection.  A variety of services from document review to contract preparation and quarterly assessments means that the support you need is available and you will never be guessing about the price of legal services.

Who you gonna call?  Virtual lawyers!

Running your small or medium sized business can be overwhelming, and often times the business runs you.  You are CEO, custodian, accountant, chauffeur, and more. And when it’s your name on the door and on the line, all manner of questions end up at your feet.    Take the legal concerns off your plate with a monthly subscription package. Each package offers a variety of services available to you for a set monthly subscription amount.  A quick question does not have to turn into a huge attorney bill. Get unlimited legal advice and answers to your legal questions. Keep your virtual lawyer in your corner and on speed dial so that you can run your business with peace of mind and get back to what you do best.

Unbundled legal services offer real-life, straightforward solutions for business owners in any phase of building their dream.  Check out the variety of business services today!